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NOTICE: The shop will reopen at the end of April 2024.

What We do

We fix most any pre year 2K amplifiers and some post Y2K vacuum tube models. We don't fix car audio. We don't fix digital home theater equipment either. We strive to be the best at vintage audio repair and we keep our services focused primarily on just this one service.
My shop is equipped with sophisticated test equipment which enables me to measure and tweak your amplifier for optimum performance/lowest distortion. I can troubleshoot rare and unusual faults and fix it good as new, as well as correct defects in manufacturer design on some models.
Over 50 years of experience in the repair, design and building of vacuum tube amplifiers!

instrument amps

We repair most any vintage musical instrument amplifier, including Fender, Marshall, Ampeg, Carr, Mesa Boogie, Peavey, Music Man and much more!

hi-fi amplifiers

We specialize in all vacuum tube audio amplifiers, as well as vintage solid state receivers, integrated amplifiers and component separates.

signal processors

Equalizers, compressors, limiters and other vintage studio recording gear serviced, calibrated and restored here!

reel tapedecks

High end reel to reel decks, from quarter track to 8 track and beyond! Calibration, head alignment, relapping and maintenance.


Evaluation: $50.00 (applied to repair)
Repair Labor: $95.00/hr

Emergency/Rush while you wait: $150.00/hr
HOURS: By Appointment; please call.


A WORD ABOUT INTEGRITY: It's not enough to just have equipment; it's knowing how to troubleshoot and having the patience to work deep into the problem. Many shops turn away repairs that they can't turn around in a few minutes. If it takes more than an hour for them, it's "unrepairable". With vintage audio gear, almost nothing is unrepairable. As long as the iron is working, the rest can be replaced/repaired cost-effectively. Even some transformers can be rewound. If the "new generation" of amp repair techs can't fix your amp, take it to Amplifier Experts for a positive outcome.


Analyzing the harmonic profile of an amplifier to determine tonality

vacuum tubes

We are specialists in vintage vacuum tubes and tube amplifer circuits


Replace old capacitors to make your receiver run like new again

guitar amps

We repair and restore many types of musical instrument amplifiers

Company News

Our latest repair projects and snippets from our Facebook feed.

Pioneer SX-1980

General repairs on this flagship Pioneer receiver. A powerhouse at 270 watts per channel!

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Scott 272 Recap

This unusual and rare amplifier from H.H. Scott is a flagship product. This particular one needed a lot of "mods" removed to restore to original condition.

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Moog Synth

We repaired this Moog keyboard synth for a local music store.

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McIntosh Receiver

Renewing and recapping your vintage McIntosh receiver can triple its market resale value.

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