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Amp Repair Service in Connecticut
Fast Turnaround Times—No waiting weeks and weeks for your amp to be repaired!Amp Repair Service • Tel: 860-354-4225
Evaluation:$40.00 (applied to repair)
Repair Labor:$80.00/hr
HOURS: By Appointment; please call.
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We repair most any vintage amplifier except automotive amplifiers and much more! We specialize in all vacuum tube audio amplifiers. Custom scheduling, including evenings and weekends.

See our NEWS page for recent updates on what we're working on!

My shop is equipped with sophisticated test equipment which enables me to measure and tweak your amplifier for optimum performance/lowest distortion. I can troubleshoot rare and unusual faults and fix it good as new, as well as correct defects in manufacturer design on some models.

A WORD ABOUT INTEGRITY: It's not enough to just have equipment; it's knowing how to troubleshoot and having the patience to work deep into the problem. Many shops turn away repairs that they can't turn around in a few minutes. If it takes more than an hour for them, it's "unrepairable". With vintage audio gear, almost nothing is unrepairable. As long as the iron is working, the rest can be replaced/repaired cost-effectively. Even some transformers can be rewound. If the "new generation" of amp repair techs can't fix your amp, take it to Amplifier Experts for a positive outcome.

Over 40 years of experience in the repair, design and building of vacuum tube amplifiers!

Guitar and Musical InstrumentSpecializing in repair and troubleshooting of vacuum tube guitar amps from all makers.
Vintage High Fidelity AmplifierServicing McIntosh, Sherwood, Fisher, Phase Linear, Marantz and many other vintage amplifiers.
Vacuum Tube AmplifierIf it's got vacuum tubes, we service it!
Public Address AmplifierServicing most brands of public address systems.
EqualizersService and recertification of audio equalizers. Maintenance, cleaning, tuning and performance-testing.
Compressors/LimitersRepair and testing of all types of studio limiters, expanders, compressors and reverb units.
Reel to Reel Tape DecksService and repair of most brands of reel to reel tape decks, including Akai, Tascam, Teac, Otari, Ampex and Revox.
Custom Amp Builds and RedesignsHave an amp that you like, but is "not quite" perfect? We can customize it to give it the features and sound you want!
Fire & Flood RestorationWas your equipment in a fire or flood? Irreplaceable at any cost? We can repair most cases of smoke damage and generate estimates for insurance purposes.

For walk-in customers, turnaround times usually under a week for most situations. I even offer rush service and "while you wait" service for certain types of repairs, at a slight premium in cost and where parts are in stock to complete the repair.

If you live out of state and do wish to have my superior service, as many of my customers do, you can remove the chassis from the cabinet of your musical instrument amp in many instances and carefully pack it for shipment to me. Often times the cost will be under $40 to ship the larger and heavier chassis across country. Always ship amplifiers with tubes removed, numbered and separately wrapped, all in a carton of sufficient sturdiness to protect your investment.

If you do ship your amplifier, it is best to double-box it using double-wall corrugated cartons. The best packaging is Instapak Foam--a local warehouse usually has the facility to do this (wrap in plastic and pour in liquid foam, to make a form-fitting cushion that provides ultimate protection of the contents).

Things to include when you ship your amplifier to us for repair:

  1. A copy of the Repair Ticket containing your contact info

  2. a description of the problem and as much as you know about the circumstances when the problem occurred

  3. a pre-paid return shipping label, in an envelope, packed with your amp in the same carton

Pack it securely, and please DO NOT USE PACKING PEANUTS! These will move to one side of the carton, leaving your unit unprotected on the other side. Wrap in bubble pack, place into inner carton, then place that carton into a larger carton, with Styrofoam spacers, such that the inner box 'floats' inside the outer box, for maximum protection.


Don't mind our parrot:

Now and then, a caller will wonder, "just what are those strange noises in the background?" Well it's Yuki-bird, the African Grey parrot. She has a growing vocabulary and likes to sing operetta style, especially when I'm on the telephone! Most of the time, she is content to watch me repair amplifiers and inspect my work closely.

I specialize in repairing, updating and renewing older McIntosh amplifiers. Some of the best vacuum tube amplifiers ever made. Even if your McIntosh has been sitting in the attic for thirty years, it's worth restoring! $550 invested in this MC240 brought its resale valued up to $3500.

My Traynor YBA mods are very popular. Lotsa' folks think the standard volume pots are too touchy--giving too much loudness with very little rotation. I have a mod that I do which involves changing the pot to a log taper pot, and changing the 'bright cap', which results in an amp that is player-friendly and easier to dial in your sound.

I service just about all vacuum tube high end audiophile amplifiers. Extra care is taken to preserve the value of your treasured musical pos-sessions, as repairs are made. Many high end amplifiers that come to my shop aren't functioning optimally. I check the cause of these issues and make the needed corrections to ensure that your amplifier is providing true fidelity, with a minimum of distortion and noise and maximum power output.

I service just about any vintage amplifier, receiver, audio processor, or PA amp ever made. A full set of tests is performed and the unit is restored to factory specs. Then it undergoes a full listening test in our studio next-door, before it is considered ready to go back to our customer.

I have corrected design flaws in many amplifiers, including these Jadis JA-80s. If you are having problems with tubes overheating on your Jadis amplifier, I have the solutions that will correct the problem and allow your amp to deliver its tube sound, reliably.

Very few shops have the sophisticated equipment and tools to "see" amplifier performance the way I do. Using spectrum analyzers, distortion analyzers and a host of signal generators, as well as a curve tracer, I can test every parameter of amplifier performance and quickly spot problems that would go unnoticed on a typical shop's oscilloscope. Even further, I can tune your amp for the desirable harmonic profile suited to your music style.

I can run a full set of measurements and determine frequency response, signal to noise ratio, distortion and harmonic profile of any distortion found. Often with just a few adjustments, I can improve the performance of your amp, reducing distortion and increasing tube life. See a discussion of harmonic profiles and how they affect the tone of  your amplifier, HERE.